COVID-19 Travel : Traveling to France

Please check back often as this will be updated when rules and regulations are updated nationally and internationally. 

Know Before You Go : United States to France

France is a Level 3 by the CDC.  This means that it is highly recommended that you are up to date on all your vaccine shots for the corona virus before travelling to France. 

Here’s some information from the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs about traveling to France. For entry into France, you can check the latest information here (in French). The France Diplomacy website has a great selection of Q&As for those travelling to France soon. 

As of February 12, 2022: If you are coming from an “orange” country, all vaccinated persons now do not have any restrictions upon entering the French territory. You do need to fill out this form starting that you do not present any symptoms of Covid and you have not been in the presence of someone who was positive. If you are unvaccinated, you will need to fill out this form and present it to border control (this form is in French). As a vaccinated traveler, you are not required to present a negative PCR or antigen test for entry. If you are unvaccinated, you will need to produce a negative PCR test no less than 72 hours or a negative antigen test no less than 48 hours before departing. You will also need to fill out this form stating that you have not been in contact with someone who has Covid or you yourself do not present any symptoms. You are also eligible to be asked to take a screening test to see if you are positive or not. 

If you are planning on being in France for less than 90 days, you do currently not need a visa for your stay. 

U.S. Department of State for France : Travel Updates. Good idea to check on a semi-regular basis to be the most up to date. 

Here’s what the CDC has to say about international travel. Here’s what the CDC has to say for non-US citizens for travel to and from the US. 

Better check how your passport is doing.Wait times for application for new (and renewals) are starting to come back down. Here’s where you can check the latest updates. 

It is best to check with the airlines(s) you will be traveling with what they require in order to board the plane on top of what is required by the country you are visiting.

Making the most out of your stay

Here are the current regulations, as updated on the French Government’s website. 

Masks are no longer require as of Monday, May 16, 2022 on public transportation, or anywhere (except in health establishments). 

There is no more vaccine pass required to get into any public establishment except hospitals or related health establishments. 

Returning Home : France to the United States

Here’s what the CDC says about entering the USA from a foreign county. The United States is currently on the Amber list if you are coming from France. This means that the virus is circulating and being observed, but there is no need for concern at the moment because it appears to be controlled. 

Here’s the attestation that you will need to fill out when returning to the Unite States. 

Here’s information from the CDC about the requirements for proof of a negative Covid-19 test for re-entry into the USA. 

Here’s a handy travel assessment to see if you qualify for entering the United States based on your nationality and vaccination status. 

Where to go to get a PCR / antigen test 24 hours before your flight in Paris. It is best to book these as soon as you can, the earlier the better, to ensure you have a secured spot and the results in time. 

  • Bookings for tests at Orly and Charles De Gaulle airports.
  • Bookings for the American Hospital in Paris. 
  • Options through website for places in Paris. You must make a rendez-vous. (this will be in French).

Here’s some helpful hints on traveling back home and what to do once you get home.