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Step Two: Transcription de l’acte de mariage

This post was most recently updated on February 26th, 2021

Once you and your french beau have tied the knot you’ll need to fill out another set of forms and submit more paperwork for le transcription de l’acte de mariage (transcription of the marriage license). You can find information here in regards to starting the transcription process. Here’s the form you will need to download and fill out for the validation of your marriage. This form is in French and is pretty straight forward.

{Documents needed for transcription}

  • Formula (provided with .pdf) that needs to be filled out by both parties and signed by the French half.
  • An original, apostilled, copy of the American marriage license.
  • A pre-paid Priority Mail Flate-Rate envelope with tracking number from the post office. They are no longer accepting envelopes from UPS or FedEx. This should include your address on it since they will be returning the acte de mariage and le livret de famille that you will use to apply for your visa long séjour -valant titre de séjour.

Here is the address you will need on the envelope:

Consulat général de France à Washington – Etat civil
4101 Reservoir Road NW Washington DC 20007

The Livret de famille (family registry) is a booklet that includes any and all information from a legal standpoint in regards to the family unit. In other words, any event that happens in a family (death, birth, divorce, etc…) is recorded in this booklet. This booklet is another proof of marriage to your French partner as well as anything related to the family unit.

The following items are needed only if they apply to your case:

  • A certified copy of the divorce decree of the French spouse (if the birth certificate does not mention it).
  • Opposability Warning form if the divorce of the French partner has divorced abroad and it has not been taken into account within the French system.
  • Certified copy of the divorce decree of the non-French partner.
  • In the case of widowhood, copy of the death certificate. The updated livret de famille for the French partner.
  • If the marriage took place in France, there needs to be a certificate from the notary, as well as a copy of the license. If it is in regards to a prenuptial agreement, a certificate from the attorney and a copy of the agreement. These documents must be certified by the appropriate authority.
  • The family registry of the French partner’s single parent, if there is one available.

Plan for transcription de l’acte de mariage to take at least 8 weeks. My husband had contacted the consulate in Washington for something related to the certifcat prior and took advantage of asking how long this process took. The lady had said up to 8 weeks, but currently they were processing requests within 4 to 6 weeks. It really depends, but it’s best to plan for the maximum amount of time indicated.

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