Sunday Round Up

Sunday Round-Up: The collection of things I found interesting on the Internet.

I will admit, I have completely slack on these. I’m always saving articles, but when it comes to creating a post, I fail miserably. I’m going a little easy this Sunday, only a handful of articles. It’s a new year (well, now 3 months in), a new house and a new chapter in life so here’s to this’s week’s Sunday Round-Up! 

Love the Golden Girls? Love going on cruises? Did you know there’s a Gold Girls Cruise for 2023? Channel your inner Blanche, Rose, Dorothy or Sophia for this spectacular event. 


I’ve become an eye-mask fan as I’ve gotten older. And particularly when traveling long voyages. Here’s a list of 11 good ones, depending on what you’re looking for. 


Take your popcorn game up to the next level with this cheesy popcorn recipe you can do at home! 


Rosé still seems to be hanging on strong in 2022 and I’m not complaining. Here’s a list of 6 wines to be on the look out for. 


The city of Paris is taking to the streets to fight noise control over loud vehicles. Here’s what the city is doing about it. 


Looking to tie the knot in 2022? Italy is paying you to do it! Here’s how


Did I tell you I found croissant dough in a tube in the fridge at my local Monoprix?! Found this recipe after the fact, but definitely trying it next time!


Traveling international anytime soon? Here’s some tips and tricks to help navigate traveling during Covid-19. 


I put together a list of ways to help you save money on the every day things whether you’re visiting or living in Paris. 


French women are iconic, here’s how you can channel your inner French women, where ever you are. 


Another round of restrictions are being lifted here in France, this one in particular with mask-wearing. 


Disney pulling inspiration from France: a spring exhibition about the French decorative arts that inspired Disney artists. 


Here are 10 ultimate Italian holidays and how to do them in style

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to read more about or what you’d like to discover in the comments below. 

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