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Sunday Round-Up : October 24, 2021

Your weekly dose of what I found interesting!

You know the drill ! Here’s what I found interesting on the internet this week. 

I know it’s been a while. Two months came and went. I honestly had a lot going on and didn’t have the motivation to keep up the Sunday Round-Up. What do you like ? Do you want a weekly release? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Let me know in the comments below ! Or shoot me an email

Trying a different format this time. What do you think ? 

Need another reason to come live in France? Here’s 10 that have pretty good arguments

Move over Paris, Athens is stepping into the limelight ! Athens becomes Europe’s food capital, as Paris falls far from the top. 

Going beyond sustainability in agriculture : In Sonoma County, ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ Is the Next Big Thing. (Possible paywall).

It’s #octoberrose here in France for breast cancer awareness month and there’s a mobile mamogram bus going around the city’s suburbs. 

Looking for some good places to see some fabulous foliage at peak leaf change ? Check out these 10 spots across the US for some incroyable (incredible) colors. 

If you didn’t love Ina Garten now, you’ll love her even more. She spills the details on how she fell in love with cooking. And guess what ?! It includes Julia Child and France. 

I stumbled upon this street while walking to my old job one day. Walking along Rue Cadet, you feel like you are in another world. This article gives you all the details of where you need to stop along the way. 

The US if finally opening its borders to vaccinated persons. Stay tuned for more updates on this. 

Halloween is just around the corner, here’s a round-up of all the candies, by state, from the best to the worst. 

France is planning on banning plastic packaging for 30 different produce items starting in January 2022. 

Everything you need to know about apple pie filling and why you need to pre-cook your apples before you bake your pie. Trust me, you’ll never go back . 

Everything you need to know about celebrating Halloween in Paris. 

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