Back in the saddle

I have started to settle in back at home, I think.

It’s a little surreal being back here and living with my parents. I moved out when I went to university the first time round; in 2003, and I’ve only been back to visit for weekends or holidays. I had created a life in Columbus and now I had packed my life that was 16 years in the making.

Being almost 35 and living back at home in this transition is something I never thought I would be doing; but I am so thankful that I am.

I would like to think myself lucky and blessed.

Lucky in the experiences I’ve had in life thus far, the people that have impacted me and the lessons I have learned both hard and fruitful. Lucky to have made the relationships and friendships that have influenced me to where and who I am. Lucky that I have a place to live in a town that I’d like to get to know a little better since it’s been a while since I’ve been around.

I am blessed for every step that has lead me to where I am at in this very moment. I have a family (blood and not blood) that supports me in my dreams and goals even if it means moving 4,500 miles away, in a different time zone, to a land that I call home. I have parents that taught me the value of hard work and what it means to be loyal, true, respectful, responsible, and to think on my own (there’s a whole list of other things, but that’s for another day).

I have been chewing this post over the last few weeks. I feel that now I am back State-side, life isn’t as exciting as you’d like to read about. I’m hunkering down and working two jobs. One, in a restaurant in the neighboring town and two, I’m selling baked goods from my kitchen. I’ve never been happier with baking and I’m doing it on my own terms!

I spend mornings when not working helping my mum tend to the garden. It is about to pop this year. The yellow squash, peas, beans; we’re just waiting for the tomatoes to explode! The locust are back this summer and have started their song early in the morning. There’s also the Tour de France on in the mornings and a repeat in the evenings; that can be found on in the living room or the kitchen. Afternoons are either napping or starting to bake. Mum is back to work and Dad is in and out with various commitments and Church things during the week so I am left to my own devices.

In this time home I am trying to slow down and be more intentional. I have been working through this one book for almost 6 months now and I just need to finish it. I am spending time reading newsletters that I have signed up and pushed aside. I have started listening to podcasts and trying to find a groove there. I am trying to watch less television and spend less time mindlessly scrolling through social media. Being intentional in this time is extremely important as I make decisions that will affect not only me, but those close to my in my personal life; family, friends, co-workers. I am embracing that it is not just me in these decisions, but that you are also involved.

Connections and intentions is the name of this summer game.

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