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How to obtain your French tax ID number

Applying for your French Tax ID Number

You need a tax ID number if you plan on paying taxes in France . You are not legally required to have one, though, if you need to register as a taxpayer in France, one will be required . 

What is a SPI Number ?

A tax number is also known as  SPI number (Simplificaiton des Procedures d’Impositions). This number consists of 13 digits and usually starts with 0, 1, 2, or 3 and contains 13 digits. This number is not like the other identification numbers that are associated with your person in France. The SPI is not the same as the number on your social security account. 

There are several numbers that follow you throughout your life in France. One of the main numbers is the national registration number, using the INSEE code, to determine your social security number. This is a whole separate post for another day.  

The SPI number is assigned to you when you submit your first tax declaration in France. You are able to request one, if you would like, before your first declaration. You can do this through your local centre des impots or online. 

How to Apply for an SPI number

In requesting your SPI number, you’ll need to go to this website to submit a request . You will need to select the option Particulier, then L’accès à votre espace particulier and finally Je n’ai pas de numéro fiscalThis will take you to the bottom of the page where it will give you several options on how to request access and therefore your number. I chose the final option (and only one with a link). 

Once you have filled out all your information and sent it off. You should then receive an email with the next steps on what to fo to access your account. I was asked to fill out form 2042 and send that with a copy of my rental contract and band information. I had to send it to the center nearest my home (I live in the 1st) : 

75002 PARIS 02

To find the one closest to you, check out this website

I eventually received an email from the Impots that had my SIP and information on how I can access my personal account on the website. I was able to sign into my Impots account and update any information necessary. My first year filing taxes I will obligated to submit a paper declaration, but after that I will be allowed to submit my declarations online every year. 

Or, you can wait till you need to file your taxes and the impots will assign you one on your first paper declaration. 

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