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Van Gogh: Like Nothing Else

When I was in Paris last summer, my boyfriend took me to this amazing brand new exhibit in this extremely unique space called
L’ATELIER DES LUMIÈRES. This is a digital art experience that immerses the viewer in the art itself. The first exhibit opened in April of 2018 with Gustave Klimt as the headliner. And let me tell, it was breath-taking! I hear they’re bringing the Klimt exhibit back, who wants to go?!

L’Atelier opened in an old foundry, which is a factory that creates metal castings. This particular foundry, Chemin-Vert Foundry located in the 11th, created cast iron molds for the navy and locomotive companies due to the high demand. The foundry changed hands in 1935 and became vacant in 2000. It was discovered in 2013 and bought the CulturueSpaces group and in 2018 debuted in its first exhibit. There are 140 digital projectors that project onto every open space, except the ceiling. Most of the original unique architecture pieces are still intact like the large towers that are sprinkled throughout the massive space.

It is extremely smart to buy your tickets online and well in advance. This is quite the hot spot, so sometimes it will sell out for a couple days in advance, especially if there is a holiday around the corner. You can always check the website to see what dates and times are available. It also lets you rest easy knowing you have guaranteed access, if you arrive the day of with out a ticket and try to buy one, there isn’t a guarantee there will be any available. Trust me, buy your ticket(s) ahead of time, to any event you are planning on going to, you will thank me later.

Klimt Exhibit. 2018

The exhibit features 3 video pieces, with the main piece being at the end. The total time for the 3 pieces is about 50 minutes long with a break in between each video. You are free to move around the facility and find a spot to watch the art come alive. Each video has its own soundtrack with music beautifully timed to the movement of the images.

Currently running is Van Gogh, la nuit étoilée (Van Gogh, Starry Night), Japon Rêvé, images du monde flottant (Dreamed Japan, Images of the floating world), and Verse. The exhibit is running till 31 December 2019. This is definitely another way to experience Van Gogh and not in the most traditional manner, but if you are looking for something unique and different, this is worth a chance to check out! If you are going to take pictures or video, always be mindful of those around you. It is highly recommended that you do not use flash during the exhibit.

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