My favorite classic Christmas melodies

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. 

The food.
The festivities.
The traditions.
The music.
The decorations.
The sentiments.

This year is no exception. It marks my first Christmas as an official resident of France and my first year as a wife. I am excited to share this favorite holiday with my husband and MIL. I am also excited to experience a Parisian Noël and all that comes along with. I’m also very excited to create new and personal traditions with my own little family. This is year is going to be a little different, but I’m not going to let anything get in the way of the spirit of Christmas. 

I’ve created a mix of my favorite Christmas melodies I’d like to share with you. Some classics and some new tunes for you to enjoy. There’s over 400 songs, so hopefully you won’t be bored to death with this list. I’ve included some French delights as well. I hope you enjoy! 


Joyeux Noël ! 

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