Slow and steady

Since starting this whole blog deal, I have been racking my brain on what to write and when. Particularly when all I am doing right now is research; working two jobs 4/5 days a week puts a damper on my writing & social life.

But I am constantly reminding myself that I am doing this all for Paris. This is all for my move across the pond, to fulfill a dream I have always wanted to do.

Some days, that dream seems so far off than other days.

I joined a website forum per the advice of an expat friend. What a valuable resource and wealth of information from people actually living it! Also, a lot of raw honesty being shared.

The conundrum I have recently discovered is what visa will I be able to apply for and receive. I thought it would be simple enough to apply for a long stay visa for work, but the nitty gritty is a whole lot more than just getting a job over seas; it is proving that no one else in the EU is available or eligible to do the job. Yes? Why did I think it could possibly be easy?

So I push on, I do not let these little bits and bobs bring me down. I will move, I will find a job, I will open a bank account, I will find an apartment. I do allow myself 5 minutes of “damnit!” /endrant

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