Happy new year and such!

I am horrible at these things.
{Considering my last post is from waaay too long ago.}

I always have such high hopes for this and then life happens. Responsibilities, work, family, bills, unexpected happening. I’m much better at writing in my journal… if you call a once-a-month entry better! Here I sit, cozy in my bed, with big dreams and aspirations for my life. It is three days into a new year and the wheels are turning. I’m working on my planner for 2019. I even have snazzy new pens for the occasion.

But seriously, am I actually going to follow through? Is the intention solid for persistence? Is there motivation? Discipline? What makes this any different than any other year prior?

The intention? Document and share my life with you. Because I am about to embark down a new path and I want to share my experience (the triumphs, tribulations, trials, and successes) with you.

The motivation? I have not been able to find the answers that I need specifically on the internet. It has been a lot of reading between the lines and guessing. So, I thought to myself one day, “why not start a blog so someone can find what they’re looking for?”

The persistence? The fact that I am challenging myself to stay up to date. To actually follow-through and stay on top of myself.

The discipline? Because I have to prove to myself that I can keep this up and that I want to share my story with you. And what a better place? A public little corner of the internet!

Yeah, I got this.
I think.

So here’s to me. Here’s to making my move. Here’s to new adventures, the ups and downs, the smiles and tears, the hellos and see you soon.

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